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Traffic Ticket Defense


Traffic Ticket Citation Offenses

Traffic tickets are the most common citations issued by law enforcement. Most drivers will receive a traffic ticket at some point in their lives. Traffic tickets require paying fines, which can significantly increase your car insurance rate and even result in a driver’s license suspension. There is a multitude of laws that regulate driving, and the penalties you may face from a traffic violation depend on the specific circumstances of your case. However, a skilled traffic ticket defense attorney can often reduce charges, penalties, or even get your citation dismissed entirely. Southwest Legal’s Team are top-rated traffic defense attorneys. Our Firm has over half a century of combined experience, defending those who have received traffic citations. Call today to speak with a top-rated traffic ticket defense attorney and see how we can help you with the best representation. Now take the first step toward getting your citation dismissed!

What Happens If You Ignore A Traffic Citation

Drivers should not ignore or forget about a traffic citation because it will result in a violation of California Vehicle Code 40508 for failure to appear in court on a traffic citation. Failure to appear in court or failure to pay the traffic fines within the authorized time period is a misdemeanor and has significant consequences. A violation of VC 40508 is punishable by up to six months in county jail and/or a base fine up to $1,000. Furthermore, a driver who fails to appear or pay a fine will have a criminal record that will interfere with their career and personal life. Therefore, it is imperative that you timely respond to any traffic citation you receive. 

The best way to respond to a traffic citation is by investing in a skilled attorney who will work to reduce the charge, your penalties, or get them dismissed.